Teaser for November 2014
WOW!!! Looks like I missed the party! Justice and tea were served in Shadows' Veil this past gather! Apparently Prince Rhogar will not suffer a criminal. Four...I repeat, not one not two not three but FOUR obliterations were dealt to outlaws of the crown, yet somehow a clever criminal escaped capture even with his royal Highness and his men around! His Highness also stated that aligning oneself with any elemental plane illegal. Does this mean his Highness will pay for existing ties??? The Duchess held tea on Saturday and was snuffed not only by a foreign noble HOUSE but by Midway's own guilds. We all know our own Duchess to be kind and forgiving so I'm sure there will be no repercussions.~~~ But fear not Ter'Vesa, the mighty adventurers have yet again saved us from the horrors of the month of loose spirits, hip hip huzzah, hip hip HUZZAH! What did you say? You haven't heard the news? Apparently, Lorringar is cut off from some of its secret outposts. Yes, terrible news, I agree...but one wonders why, who knew of these "secret" outposts, and what is...was...Lorringar hiding? In other news, Celestial Dawn, Dawn's Fire, and Marsh Eels are all kill on site - oh and I'm sure there's some other groups I've missed! Looks like the ol' Hammer's gunna need some help! Who thinks I should become a deputy of Midway? Can this ol' dog be taught new tricks? Oops, I forgot! I'm wanted for my little public missives too. Let me tell ya, it's getting hard to make a living nowadays! Okay, okay Loringar, all kidding aside; I wish to turn myself in and clear the air. Friday evening of the next gather in Midway, I shall turn myself in to the proper authorities. You may send a knight to bring me into custody. I shall be alone in the cabin with an X on it. ~Bark E. Gent I've got a nose for news

Teaser 2014 October
Well travelers of Ter'Vesa again the month of Ghosts and Ghouls is upon us. So the happenings around town? Whats going on in the Lorringar you ask, good question. Are the whispers of rebellion true or is this just more hearsay and rumor to weaken Lorringar's political structure and cause unrest in its citizens? Spirits have been seen throughout Ter'Vesa, somehow gaining more strength within our tangible plane, most say "it's just that time of year" however this reporter sees something through the Veil. Could it be the weakening this time of year is becoming worse? Could it be that the random fluxes in magic are doing more damage than we are being told? We'll I don't know, you figure it out. I have too much on my plate including figuring out why my Orc bodyguard is now obsessed with pie and spending most of his time playing Dragon poker with thugs in South Landing!!! The Fang as always, closed doors and secret meetings, but this Nosey pup got word there’s something big going on, war? A new King? or maybe just a really neat 2-Headed Hammer, the going theory is an heir to one of the 7 royal families has been found. What does this mean for the way of life in the Fang? Shadows Veil is all a buzz this time of year however this year is different with the upped presence of guards and all the construction being done at the orders of Prince Huntington of the Savage Lands. On brighter news there has been a noticeable lack in the presence of the Marsh Eels in the past few months. THANK YOU ADVENTURERS! Trading in ports landing looks to have fully recovered from the incidents of last year. Now for the biggest news going on, The Elemental war has begun seeping into Midway and Ter’Vesa, random elementals are easily spotted all throughout the lands. Beware not to lose "yourself" Bark E. Gent I've Got A Nose For News

Teaser for 2014
May 30-June 1
Together Again!!! The chattering of teeth in Ter'Vesa never seems to slow, rumors mostly however rumors with a hint of truth to them. The murders have ceased in Loringar, but a new crime wave has appeared in Ports Landing. Both the elves of Loringar and the dwarves of The Fang in Ports Landing have been getting murdered. Tales are too gruesome to tell, however, there are some gruesome rumors of the disturbing sites seen by the town’s members of Ports Landing. No one it seems was safe from these crimes. Until the Duke of Loringar, himself, led a crusade to find this fiend, the serial killer was Captured, Tried and Executed within short order and the mess was cleaned up. The Duke cracked open the gates of Loringar to those that be friendly to the city, only to find that his daughter has been kidnapped by her own personal guard, who managed to slay several of the Loringar Guard on their way out of the keep. A massive manhunt began just shortly after the Winter Solstice for the missing Lady; however attempts at locating her have been futile, again just rumors on the wind. but we know my friends what truth lies within rumor. The Duke is offering a healthy reward for the capture of the criminals and return of his beloved daughter, also offering a small reward for information that leads to the return of his daughter and the justice of the Criminals that have taken her from him. In the mountains the thunder grows more and more native creatures of the fang are seen leaving its safty could this just be weather or maybe the giants are yet again up to no good? And it seems the Fangs Representative to Midway has returned. Welcome back Guild Mistress of Midway it has been far to long we are all glad you have returned safely to us, maybe this time you'll stick around. In broader news complaints of things "poisoning" the minds of citizens whilst they sleep who would do such dastardly deeds. Don't forget the rising of the elemental presence. What does this mean for Ter'Vesa? What does this mean for Avalon? Is it really to blame on the Portal system? who knows? The most startling news in the reporters humble opinion would be the return of the "sheriff" who was never really gone and the increase in all the random magical fluctuations and occurrences, coincidence? This reporter THINKS NOT Be safe out there my travelers. Bark Gent I've Got A Nose For News

Teaser for 2013
Sept 27-29
Well hasn't it been quite an exciting month since last "we" spoke. Most of the water problems have flowed away due to you adventuring do-gooders HIP HIP HUZZAA. Yet fear not there are more trials and tribulations ahead for you to ply your trade. Lorringar city is still on lock down yet not for the reasons you may think, this pup batted his eyes in the right direction and found out that the locks are tight to keep those in not keep you out. If you ask this hound Lorringar is in more need of you then you of them to date. But you didn't hear that from me! Was that THUNDER you have been hearing? no it is the it has been in the air for weeks now the bashing of earth and stone coming from the mountains this reporter does wonder shall come raining down from the mountain. Now for the strange news we have two tantalizing tidbits of news. First a presence of Wizards from the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts have been seen arriving in ports landing and traveling to both Lorringar City and The Dwarves of the Fang, a presence not seen in Ter'Vesa in quite sometime from what I've been told decades. Second on the list of strange has been the appearance of strange "lines" of energy or magic appearing throughout our lands some have stated when they touched these things they were granted power yet others have stated whence touch they have seen a brilliant light then immense pain. Are these two strange occurrences related or just one huge coincidence, I for one am on the edge of my seat to find out. Bark Gent I've Got A Nose Fer News

Teaser for 2013 Opener.
Apr. 26-28
Welcome Back Wayfareing Adventurers: The Weather this past winter has been almost as strange as has the changes that it has brought about in its natives. Many of the farmers planted crops early in hopes for two harvests this year. Yet with this frost snap they are now concerned if they will even have one solid harvest. The Wildlife is a lot less wild with its numbers drastically reduced from the desolet winter, the unusual warring of the savage and the mysterious reports of sections of forest being fine one day and DEAD the next. Hostilities between Lorringar and the Fang have not been this inflamed since the ending of the war. Will someone quelch the flame or will rumors prove true? Are there really those who wish to fuel the fire and set ablaze old Feudes? Although crime has gone down inside Midway, outside the town forgein criminals must be visiting Ter-Vesa. The Farmlands have never seen so much crime from basic cut-purses to home robbery and even a few boats have been reported heisted from Ports Landing-NORTH The golems themselves have been seem getting dragged off by all matter of "locals". It seems the only city not Overly effected by this weather and potential powder keg is Ports Landing. There docks have been working nonstop this last month. I haven't see this much action in North and South Port's landing since the few months trailing the signing of the great treaty. Bark Gent I've gotta Nose fer News